Alzheimer's Day at the Legislature

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CHEYENNE, Wyo - The Wyoming Alzheimer's Association held an event at the Legislature to gather ideas on an Alzheimer's Plan. The idea was to develop an Alzheimer's Plan.

The goal of the association is to develop a plan that will identify gaps in health coverage and services, and allow the state to fill that gap. Another is to bring in more specialists. The state has only five specialists dedicated to Alzheimer's. Right now, most people with the syndrome have to travel out-of-state in order to receive treatment.

Wyoming has over 9,000 people with Alzheimer's, which is 7 percent of the population, and there are around 28,000 caregivers who are unpaid.

The association is scheduled to have several town hall meetings during the spring to allow the public to voice their concerns and needs, to help build a good plan. The final version of the plan is expected to be presented to congress sometime this summer.