Carpenter hit in tornado outbreak

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CARPENTER, Wyo. (KGWN) As the storm swept through Southeast Wyoming, Northern Colorado and the Nebraska panhandle Monday, one town was hard hit by the violent system. Carpenter saw a tornado pass through, where storm chasers caught video of the twister.

The aftermath was widespread for the little community. Power line poles ripped from the ground, roofs torn from houses, and an entire barn flattened.

Jeff Burnett was in Torrington when he heard about the tornado – and says he felt he was too far from home at the time. His daughter, however, probably wishes she had been with him. She was in the house when the tornado passed by, ripped up their roof, destroyed their garage and tossed their pick up in the garage into the field like a boy kicking a tin can.

"There's used to be an attached garage and the attached garage is gone…and the truck that was in it is 1000 foot away.” Jeff said, pointing at the truck from his back yard.

Thankfully, his daughter, Lane, got to the basement and took shelter in the shower. She was shaken up after it was all over, but unhurt.

The storm was an abnormality. A rare setup that resulted in a violent storm and most can’t recall ever seeing before.

"No, this is pretty crazy. I've never seen one like this where they were on the ground and did this much damage.” Burnett said, “Usually tornados pretty light around here."