City of Cheyenne removing snow from downtown

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (KGWN) The city can face some challenges when trying to take snow from downtown. The plows can cover up fire hydrants, signs, flowers, and even poles. That can become a problem when the city hauls snow from parking and curb areas because they can't always see the objects.


Tonight motor graders pulled the snow away from parking areas, picked up the snow and hauled it away from downtown. Vicki Nemecek with public works says the process is expensive. It costs about five thousand dollars an hour.

"They're working 24/7," she said, "It's, you know, worth every penny so that the people that live and work in the downtown area can have a place to park and have a safe transportation system."

The main dump area for the snow, which the drivers call the "Dog Pound", is on Missile Drive. If you are out while trucks are hauling you're asked to steer the trucks can throw snow.