Downtown Strategic Parking Management Plan released by City

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (KGWN) - The Metropolitan Planning Organization recently released it's draft plan of the Strategic Parking Management Plan.

The plan is a broad guidance document for the parking program. Sreyoshi Chakraborty, Senior Planner with MPO says, " The plan includes a variety of different goals, mission objectives and specific action steps, as well as different tools the city could use if they so choose to implement them in the future."

During the process of creating this plan, studies were done on existing parking and the utilization of that parking. Surveys were put out to the public and public meetings were held.

The data shows there is sufficient parking in downtown. At certain times of the day and certain events, there were hot spots where parking was in short supply.

Through outreach to the public Chakraborty says they've heard parking is inconvenient from the public. Safety has also been a concern in parking structures. "Our parking structures are under utilized right now," says Chakraborty "They do have a lot of spaces available, however they're not being used. We heard a lot of concerns from the public that they felt unsafe."

The plan includes recommendations, ideas, and guidelines which can be implemented in the future.

Key recommendations include:
- Adopting a new program vision, mission and guiding principles
- Evaluating investment in new on-street and off-street parking technology
- Developing a comprehensive parking planning function that leverages parking as a community and economic development strategy
- Developing a proactive facility maintenance program including regular facility condition appraisals, prioritized facility rehabilitation plans and the creation of parking facility maintenance reserves
- Developing a new parking program brand and marketing program including significant on-going community outreach strategies
- Investing in training and staff development with a goal of mastering the fundamentals of parking system management and operations
- Expanding the scope of the parking program over time to be more supportive of alternative modes of transportation and embrace more of an "access management philosophy"
- Accessing the current parking enforcement program using the tools provided
- Addressing abuse of accessible parking placards to improve parking availability for those truly disabled
- Establishing the parking program as a separate enterprise fund and combine all parking related revenue streams into this fund

The MPO is taking feedback a final time on this draft plan before it is sent to Council for approval and adoption. If you would like to see the plan follow the link in the related information section.