Fallen Toledo EMS worker remembered in DC

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- They came from all over the country with one mission. To deliver dog tags to their homes.

“Sometimes when you go up a hill and it gets really hard you grab a hold of these tags and these people get you up the hill I swear they do," one biker said.

It was an emotional ride, each pedal pushed with purpose. The National EMS Memorial Bike Ride remembers the fallen EMS workers lost this year in the line of duty.

“So this is the family of Sandra Cline who I rode for this year," Devon Jameson said.

Jameson biked from Kingston New York to Washington D.C. The ride was over 500 miles. She carried the tags for Ohio native Sandra Cline. This is the first time she’s meeting the family she road all that way for.

“It’s important to remember the people who don’t have here anymore," Jameson said.

It’s been just eight months since Cline’s tragic passing. The memory of that day isn’t far from her husband’s mind.

“It’s good to know that she’s being honored for the work that she’s done, for twenty years, just an amazing woman," Edwin Cline said.

Cline and his family joined others going sharing the same heartache. For them it’s more than just a bike ride, it’s comfort.

"I'm never going to be over it, ever. But closure I’m hoping. Closure for my family, for my kids. Our kids I should say," he added.

A peace of mind that Cline with carry back with him to Toledo knowing he doesn’t have to go on this difficult road alone.

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