Fort Russel Days are back for CFD and they are adding a few new events

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CHEYENNE, Wyo -- Fort Russel Days is a free event during Cheyenne Frontier Days, it started 24 years ago and is still one of the most exciting events many look forward too.

This year they are celebrating the 150 years the base and city have been around by adding more events. The will still have the Indian war reenactment, as well as World War 1, Vietnam, Korea, and more.

This is the second year they have buses bringing people to and from the CFD park. It's free to ride the bus, that way you don't have to worry about paying for parking again. However, the bus does only run on Saturday and Sunday and you must be on the bus by 3 pm.

This is a family friendly event, and encourage everyone in the family to come and join the fun. This year they are bringing back the buffalo roast. There are a few meals you can pick from it's Friday's from 4 pm to 7 and you get a full meal and a beverage for $20. There are special meals for kids.

For more information on the event watch the morning show interview.