Police say improper turns are a common problem

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CHEYENNE, Wyo.- It's a frequent problem among drivers according to Officer Kevin Malatesta of the Cheyenne Police Department: improper turns.

Malatesta says simply turning your signal to turn 100 feet before the intersection and staying in the closest lane is a simple thing to do, but a majority of drivers still don't do it. He says it's a minor problem but many drivers make it a habit, making it more challenging for police to enforce.

Following the rules not only reduces crashes, but it also reduces stress and road rage among other drivers, according to Malatesta. He added, "Our driver's education, itself, is a fairly easy thing. It's easy to get a driver's license, and with that we have a lot of drivers on the road who just pick up these bad habits and continue to maintain them, despite them being illegal, despite them being dangerous."

Although officers aren't able to ticket every single driver that violates this simple law, Cheyenne police would like to address the issue and help educate drivers the importance of driving safe. Malatesta says the issue is too common and is related to too many accidents that could have been avoided.

Making an improper turn can get you a fine worth $100.