Law enforcement prepare for eclipse

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (KGWN) - Law enforcement are taking steps to keep the public safe and crackdown on crime during the Eclipse this year.

Cheyenne Police say they have some officers headed north to some of the viewing points. Some of the police departments at viewing destinations have asked for extra help with the influx of people in their cities. Cheyenne Officers are headed "on their own time," says Officer Kevin Malatesta. The overtime the officers are working are being paid by the department who is making the request. Locally Cheyenne Police will be conducting somewhat regular patrols. They are preparing for more people to be in town and heavier traffic.

Wyoming Highway Patrol is taking several steps to help keep Wyoming's highways safe. Sgt. Kyle McKay with Highway Patrol says some of the concerns include people parking on the side of highways, grass fires, crashes, and drugs.

Troopers will be working working 12 hour shifts through the Eclipse period. Law enforcement will be spread out along the I-25 corridor. Sgt. McKay says WHP is concerned with people parking on the sides of highways, but they are also concerned about grass fires being started. "Those mufflers get hot driving down the road, then if people pull over in the grass, fires can start. We're concerned about wildfires."

During the month of August there are special details for troopers to help limit, catch, and stop drinking and driving. That will also be strictly enforced during the month of August and during the Eclipse. Drug laws will also be strictly enforced. A reminder for travelers from Highway Patrol -- Marijuana is illegal in the state of Wyoming.

Sgt. McKay suggests wearing seatbelts due to the amount of traffic that will on Wyoming's Highways. This year Wyoming has seen a higher number of fatal crashes than last year. However, last year's numbers were low.

Sgt. McKay also suggests making sure you have a full tank of gas before you head out on your trip and making sure you have cash. Due to the high volume of people expected in the state, Highway Patrol suggests you leave early and stay late and make sure and limit distractions while driving and pay attention.