Marian Orr sworn in as mayor

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CHEYENNE, Wyo (KGWN) Marian Orr took her oath of office Tuesday night at the Cheyenne Civic Center. A large crowd gathered in the center to see both former Rick Kaysen step down, and to see Orr take up her new position.

Mayor Orr is the first female mayor in Cheyenne's one hundred and fifty year history. Governor Matt Meade was a speaker at the event, and spoke on Orr's qualifications and about women in Wyoming's history.

Along with Mayor Orr, all twelve of her appointees were sworn in as they were approved by the city council. Those include chiefs for the Cheyenne Police Department and Cheyenne Fire and rescue. Also among the list are court judges, city attorney and city treasurer. These appointees will now serve in 2017 and 2018.