The Grinch is back

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CHEYENNE, Wyo (KGWN) Near the corner of Nationway and Ridge on Thursday there was a speed trap. But this speed trap was all green....and red.

The Grinch is back in Cheyenne, and he's helping Cheyenne Police crack down on speeding. He was standing on the side of Nationway, tracking drivers with a radar gun. You'd think that would be hard to miss, but the four speed units helping out with the speed trapped kept busy.

"We have four cars running traffic out here, and we've had all four stopped at one point in time." Officer Kevin Malatesta, CPD's Public Information Officer, told KGWN.

Sure enough, while KGWN was out filming, at least three other cars were pulled over for speeding. But that didn't stop the Grinch and his CPD cohorts from trying to get their message across.

"We're trying to make sure people slow down," Malatesta said, "Drive at a safe speed, and really, avoid accidents."

While the Grinch was only out for the day, CPD would like to remind drivers they have traffic units out, watching speed, 365 days a year., w