Tree Crashes Through Cheyenne Home

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The wind that rocked Southeast Wyoming over the last few days made sure to leave some devastating evidence behind.

On Monday afternoon, a cottonwood tree gave way to the gusts and toppled onto a trailer off of avenue c in south Cheyenne - causing some serious damage.

The owners believe the trailer might be a total loss, but, thankfully, no one was hurt when the tree came down. Jesse Pierce was in the house when it all happened.

"I'm sitting on my couch in the living room, then all the sudden this big old crash comes down," he said, "It's like a bomb going off, I mean, you watch those movies where the wrecking ball is going through the house, sounds just like that."

Tree care experts say if you want to keep your home safe from tree damage, there are some simple steps you can take to help.

Maintain your trees and watch out for rot, thin the canopy of the tree to reduce the risk of wind damage, and when in doubt, call the urban forestry division to inspect your trees. You can reach them at 637-6824.