Ward 2 city council members hold town hall

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CHEYENNE, Residents of Ward 2 got to bring their questions and concerns to Godfathers Pizza, where a town hall was held. Ward 2’s city councilmen Bryan Cook, Dicky Shanor and Dr. Mark Rinne were in attendance along with Mayor Marian Orr. The house was stuffed with plenty of people, and a lot of questions to go with them.

During the meeting, the main concerns revolved around two big issues. One was affordable housing near Converse and Del Range. Many residence expressed opposition to the idea, feeling it could bring more crime to the area. While council members essentially told their constituents that the project was legal and out of their hands. But the debate also alienated some, as younger or lower income attendees felt they were being targeted as potential criminals.

Another hot issue was the idea surrounding ordinances for LGBT rights. In both cases, the council heard from both sides of the issues – those for and against. Despite the, at times, impassioned conversation, both council members and residents said the meeting was civil and respectful.

"Some people raised their voices, they got passionate, that's going to happen.” Bob Wilson, a Ward 2 resident said, “I'm not saying that can't happen. But, everybody spoke respectfully to each other, and that's all good. When we're all talking to each other good things happen."