2 bodies recovered from Wyoming plane crash

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Yellowstone National Park, WY (AP) - A rescue team has recovered the bodies of two brothers whose small plane crashed into a mountain near Yellowstone National Park three weeks ago.

The bodies of 84-year-old Robert L. Zimmerman of Huntsville, Alabama and 86-year-old Ward H. Zimmerman were airlifted off Howell Mountain Tuesday after the snowpack was deemed stable enough for the operation. Still, the helicopter was only able to hover above the peak and the brothers' bodies were lifted out using a long line attached to the chopper.

The brothers' 1963 Mooney M20C crashed after taking off from Cody on May 6. They planned to fly around Yellowstone before heading to Twin Falls, Idaho. The wreckage was found May 12 but recovery attempts were delayed because of the avalanche danger.

Both men were found in their seats.

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