4-H Celebrates 100 Years

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Cheyenne, WY (KGWN) - 4-H and the University of Wyoming are celebrating a 100 year partnership. "Roll those two together in a year long celebration that we're starting to end up right now at this year's state fair," said Johnathan Despain from the University of Wyoming Extension Program.

A partnership that has encouraged involvement from many kids from Wyoming. "This is my 8th year," said Wyatt Rauterkus, a 4-H participant.

4-H started as an agriculture based organization but has expanded from there. " Things from skateboarding to technology projects, to raising pets and small animals," said Despain.

Giving kids the opportunity to do anything they want to. "I'm way into livestock stuff, I love pigs," said Madelon Jones, a 4-H participant.

It also teaches them life skills. "It teaches you responsibility, and how to be good at what you do," said Rauterkus.

4-H gives participants the opportunity to showcase their skills along side the open class adult exhibits. "So they bring all these kids together from around the state to display all the things that they have," said Despain.

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