Air Force Secretary Visits F. E. Warren

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Cheyenne, WY (KGWN) - Cheating scandals and concerns over low morale have plagued the United States Air Force the past year. For the second time this year, United States Air Force secretary Deborah Lee James visited F. E. Warren Air Force Base to get feedback from airmen and leaders on base.
News of the reduction of nuclear weapons raised concerns over the United States military commitment to the ICBM mission.
Air force secretary Deborah Lee James reassured those working in the ICBM mission there's no need to worry.
"The nuclear mission is our number one mission and I wanted to come out here and see what was happening. Keep my finger on the pulse," James said.
James called morale "spotty" referring to when she visited in January, but believes it has been raised since then.
"I think we're making good progress. I saw this from talking to leadership. I say this as well from the feedback I got directly from our airmen, but of course things don't change overnight," she said.
The biggest complaint from airmen was the Air Force wasn't putting their money where their mouth is in terms of making changes.
James says they are redirecting an additional $50 million this year and $350 million over the next five years.
"We'll be putting more money into ICBM operations, so this will be helping to make improvements to the launch control centers," said James.
Changes coming to F. E. Warren will be approximately 350 additional people being redirected to work the nuclear mission there.
Beginning August 1, the Air Force will be consolidating its three helicopter squadrons into one organization to be located at F. E. Warren.
"I think 60 folks in this helicopter group will come here and they'll build up over time," said Lt. Gen Stephen Wilson, Commander of the U.S. Air Force Global Strike Command.
To help get more airmen to join the nuclear mission the Air Force will be adding incentives such as bonuses, scholarship opportunities and incentive pay.
We also spoke to warren’s commander Jack Weinstein last week regarding the troubles at warren and what’s being done to fix them.
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