Albany County crash ruled not fatal

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Cheyenne, WY (KGWN) - The reported fatal crash on 3/19 involving Carlotta Booth in Albany County was not an official fatal crash. It has been confirmed by the Albany County Coroner that she died just prior to the crash from a medical event and not as a result of the crash.

Booth was southbound on US 30 driving a 2000 Dodge pickup truck, traveling on dry roads. Her vehicle crossed the center line and went off the roadway on the left side for approximately 450 feet. The vehicle continued off the roadway before impacting a road approach and became airborne. It impacted the ground with the front bumper and then flipped end over end coming to rest on its roof.

Therefore, Wyoming's fatality count has been revised and is at 27 for the year. Currently, that is the same number of fatalities at this time last year

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