Arbor Day Celebration

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Cheyenne, WY (KGWN) - According to legend when Cheyenne was settled back in 1867, there only 12 trees. Now, according to Mayor Kaysen, there are over a quarter of a million trees in the Cheyenne area. There could have been a few more on the north lawn of the Supreme Court building as it was a very windy day for an Arbor Day ceremony. Many people gathered to hear Secretary Maxfield and Mayor Kaysen read their proclamations, announcing today as Arbor Day across the state.

Trees, while most of the time may go unnoticed, provide a huge service to our state by serving as wind breaks, areas of shade during the summer, air scrubbers, along with producing oxygen for us to breath. Today is a day to remind us how important they really are.

Today's event hosted several speakers along with Mayor Kaysen and Secretary Maxfield. Several awards were given out including the winner of the statewide Arbor Day Poster Contest, Myzek McArthur of Lovell, WY. The ceremony finished with the planting of a White Fir on the north side of the lawn just outside of the Supreme Court Building. The tree was donated by XJWC of Cheyenne.

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