Arch Coal writes off DKRW project

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Casper, WY (AP) - Arch Coal, Inc., has written off its total $57.7 million investment in a planned coal-to-liquids plant in southern Wyoming as a loss.

The coal company's 2013 report to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission lists its investment in the project as a loss.

Houston-based DKRW Advanced Fuels has planned to build the facility near Medicine Bow. The company has proposed to construct a $2-billion facility that would process coal into gasoline and other liquid fuel.

The Casper Star-Tribune reports that Arch Coal invested $25 million into the planned plant in 2006 in exchange for a 24-percent state in the company and has put in more money since then. The coal company had planned to provide coal to the facility.

The newspaper reported efforts to reach DKRW spokesman were unsuccessful.

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