Bill Would Bring Project Lifesaver to Entire State

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Cheyenne, WY (KGWN) - Cheyenne families and other families across the state that have a loved one with a brain disorder are getting behind a bill that would bring "Project Lifesaver" to the entire state.
Project Lifesaver is an international program that was adopted three years ago in Laramie County when a man at a Cheyenne nursing home wandered outside and froze to death before he could be found.
It helps families keep track of loved one who have a brain disorder.
"We have many children who are autistic. That's the majority of our clients. We also have people with dementia, traumatic brain injuries," said Det. Don Heiduck with the Laramie County Sheriff's Department.
It works by putting a transmitter bracelet or anklet on the client that's no bigger than a wristwatch.
Each transmitter has it's own frequency that can be easily located by law enforcement.
"It's in Laramie County, Natrona County and Converse County. We're trying to get it expanded through help of one of our legislators to get it statewide," Heiduck said.
The service is 100 percent privately funded and there are currently 35 clients in Laramie County.
The first ones to use the service are the Monk's. Their son, Kevin, suffered severe brain damage in a car accident 14 years ago.
"Before Project Lifesaver it was like a constant worry in our head about his well-being. He'll go out the door if you're not watching him, he'll go out the door and start walking down the street at times," said Ken Monk.
They never realized how many families were in their situation until their son's accident.
"We just didn't know, but there are so many families out there that would benefit from this, I mean it would just be a time blessing to them, no doubt," Monk said.
Ken says he will be at this year's budget session to try to pass the bill and provide the service to the rest of the state.
"Some of these funds might dry up. Some of these individuals that are wearing bracelets now might not be able to in the future and people that need them won't be able to get them so this bill is extremely important to the people of Wyoming."

For more information contact:
Laramie County Project Lifesaver - 2020 Capitol Ave., Cheyenne, WY 82001
Becky Gerrard, Cheyenne Police - Phone: 307-633-6608 Email:
Don Heiduck, Laramie Co. Sheriff's Dept. - Phone: 307-633-4750 Email:

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