Burns man arrested after homicide

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Burns, WY (KGWN) - Laramie County deputies arrested a Burns man last night for allegedly shooting and killing his wife.

The small community of burns seems shaken up after last nights shooting. The Laramie County Sheriff has arrested 61-year-old Ron Zimmerman in connection with the shooting death of his wife Teresa.

At 7:51 on Sunday night the Laramie County Sheriff's office receives a call from Ron Zimmerman after the shooting.

"There was apparently was an argument, maybe some alcohol involved there that fueled the shooting incident," said Gerry Luce, the spokesman for Laramie County Sheriff.

Mary Ackagz lives down the street from the Zimmerman's. She was surprised to hear the shooting happened only a few houses away.

"It’s not something that you expect to wake up to find out that something happened that close to home," said Ackagz.

Following an investigation, police arrested Zimmerman in the early hours Monday morning.

"The potential charges may be up to second degree homicide," said Luce. Charges that has neighbors talking about a Sunday night, that turned out to be anything but quiet.

"A person might have been out taking a walk and you might have walked into something that you shouldn't have," said Ackagz. Something that the Zimmerman children may not have escaped.

"Part of the investigation we are working on interviews with the children to see what they may have witnessed at the time of the incident"

An unfortunate incident that leaves residents like Ackagz uneasy,
but still feeling safe in the small community of Burns, "I think we're okay.”

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