CFD doing all it can to care for animals

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Cheyenne, WY (KGWN) - A video surfaced this weekend of a cowboy assistant using a taser on a horse to make it buck more wildly as it came out of the shoot. In 2008, CFD banned the use of cattle prods or any other kind of electronic taser. Despite the allegations of animal abuse however, CFD officials are doing all they can to make sure that the animals are treated right.

Stace Smith, a livestock contractor at CFD, said that these animals are apart of their family and that any kind of animal abuse is not tolerated.

The PRCA, along with CFD, has strict guidelines against any kind of animal abuse. Even using the reins too much can result in a fine and dismissal from the rodeo.

While it only takes one instance to make it look bad, a closer inspection of the CFD stockyard shows that the handlers are taking good care of the horses and bulls. They are regularly fed and watered and with all the heat we've seen, they're also hosed off to help them cool down as well. Even the trip to Cheyenne is closely monitored as handlers won't haul livestock over a certain amount of time without letting them out to stretch their legs.

So while some question the treatment of the animals, CFD officials and the animals handlers are working to ensure that the animals are properly taken care of.

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