Cancer Patients Take Part in Oral Care Class

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Cheyenne, WY (KGWN) - Patients undergoing cancer treatment often notice changes in the mouth, that's why dental hygiene students from LCCC held a free oral hygiene class at the Cheyenne Regional Cancer Center on Friday morning.

Students discussed the side effects of cancer treatment on oral health and how to alleviate those side effects.

"We recommend that they get a thorough dental exam, dental treatment and dental cleaning two weeks before treatment starts," said student Lacey Clawson. "So they kind of have an idea if it could get worse or if they can fix it in the two weeks before their immune system is lowered enough to where it can be actually harmful to their health."

"Going through the treatments and stuff, (oral care) is not the top priority," said student Alysia Johnston. "So we just want to make it aware to them why it is important to take care of their mouth and to squeeze in a tooth brushing here and there."

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