Celtic festival wraps up

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Cheyenne, WY After three days, some rain, and more than a few leprechaun sightings, the Cheyenne Celtic Musical Arts Festival ended Sunday afternoon.

The festival, which celebrates Celtic heritage from seven different countries saw it's biggest crowd on Friday night with warm temperatures and dry skies.

Sunday was a subdued day with craft vendors inside the depot and one western root beer stand out on the plaza.

But there were still some visitors including Kelly Cummins, a visitor from Colorado who was representing his Clan Cummings. He said the festival is really about family pride and heritage and that he'd only become interested in his lineage after a trip to Scotland.

"Well I was living in Germany and I took one trip to Scotland and I found out holy cow I'm a part of something so much bigger," said Cummins.

Several different clans and their tartans were represented during the weekend.

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