Charge in Cold Case Murder

Lance David Bean -- Charged with murder in the 1972 slaying of Sharon Reher.
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LARAMIE, Wyo. A judge has ordered a Laramie man to answer a first-degree murder charge in connection with a woman's slaying 42 years ago.

Albany county prosecutors have charged 60-year-old Lance David Bean with murder in the 1972 slaying of Sharon Reher. She was 20 when she was killed in her Laramie apartment.

Circuit Judge Robert A. Castor ruled Tuesday state prosecutors have enough evidence to charge Bean in district court. Castor set bail at $750,000 cash or corporate bond.

Laramie Police Detective Joel Senior testified that recent tests show the presence of DNA from Bean's skin on Reher's clothing. Senior said samples of bodily fluids recovered from Reher's body weren't preserved.

Defense lawyer Vaughn Neubauer argued there was no evidence Bean killed Reher and urged Castor to drop the charge.