Cheyenne 5th Graders Reenact the Battles of Saratoga

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Cheyenne, Wyo. (KGWN) 5th grade students from across Cheyenne reenacted the Battles of Saratoga at Camp Jack on Tuesday. The students spent days investigating the battles and calculating the correct ratio of soldiers on each side. They discovered the troops would be split up as 40% British, 40% American, 20% Hessian and one Mohawk Indian.

After researching, each 5th grader wrote to teachers requesting a specific position they desired to play and all the reasons to support their choice. If a student wanted to be considered for a specialized position such as an officer or artillery they had to earn the spot by showing specific knowledge on the part they hoped to have.

Not every class in Cheyenne has the opportunity to participate. Each class had to fund raise in order to attend this unique field trip.

After a day of background information, another day of uniform select and a final rehearsal day the classes took to Camp Jack. Play the video to see how the battle turned out.

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