Cheyenne Alarm Ordinance Enforcement Starting Thursday

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Cheyenne, WY (KGWN) - Starting on Thursday, February 13th, the Cheyenne Police Department will be issuing citations to those individuals not in compliance with the city's alarm ordinance.

The ordinance went into effect on September 1st of last year, but hasn't been fully enforced until now.
The amendments to the ordinance were in response to the increase in the number of false alarms experienced in the city. The Cheyenne Police Department responded to 2,249 false alarms in 2012. That number increased 11 percent to 2,706 in 2013.

The ordinance requires every alarm user to obtain an Alarm System Permit within 30 days of activation. Applications must be submitted to the City Clerk along with a $100 activation fee. This permit will remain valid for as long as the user owns or occupies the permitted property or until the permit is revoked.
Alarms that have had yearly permits issued prior to Sept. 1, 2013 can be converted on the alarms renewal date with a payment of $25.

Those alarm holders who are not in compliance with the ordinance may be issued a $200 citation.

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