Cheyenne Animal Shelter Kitten Shower

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Cheyenne, WY (KGWN) - The Cheyenne Animal Shelter hosted their first annual kitten shower today. Local residents were encouraged to come for free tours, cake, and drinks. There was a chance to meet two of the most adorable kittens, O'Malley and O'Tooley and to sign up to become a foster parent for kittens and puppies.

The shelter will begin to see a large increase in the number of kittens and puppies over the next month or so and there just isn't enough room to take them all in, so the shelter has a foster parent program where local families can take in kittens or puppies for a period of time, before they come back to the shelter where they can find their forever home.

Dev Catalano, a CAS administrator says that they do see a lot of foster families end up keeping the animals they are fostering and that is okay. You do need to apply to become a foster family and meet several qualifications. For more information on the program or to donate you can visit the CAS website or call them at 307-632-6655.