Cheyenne City Council approves two CPD items

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Cheyenne, WY (KGWN) - Monday evenings city council meeting had several issues involving the Cheyenne Police Department on it, but two of the bigger ones involved a contract between the city of Cheyenne and LCSD #1 to continue housing school resource officers in all Jr. High and High schools in Cheyenne. The second involved the council approving a bid from Spradley Barr Motors to purchase 10 new police cars.

The contract between the city and LCSD #1 is an annual item that comes up on the council and it's one that requires little to no discussion. We've seen over the years the tragedies that have struck schools around the country and it's because of that Councilmen Jim Brown says it's an easy contract to approve saying that, "...history over the last 10 years has proven to us that this is necessary."

The officers housed in the schools are not only on stand by in case of emergencies but Cheyenne police chief Brian Kozak says that they allow the students to have a positive interaction with the police. Those officers stationed at the schools don't just serve as a positive influence and a deterrent for bad behavior though, they are also teaching classes on drugs and bullying as well.

There will be 7 officers posted in the schools around town, and during the school year the school district will pay 75% of the officers salary and benefits, a cost of approximately $450,000. During the summer months when school is out, they resume regular police duties with the city paying their full salary.

The second important item was the acceptance of a bid from Spradley Barr Motors to purchase 10 new police cruisers. The new cars will cost the city $252,815.00 and will be paid for by the fifth penny sales tax. Councilmen Brown said that this is exactly what that tax is for.

" know that was the whole idea of the one percent fifth penny money was to know that the money collected would go right back into the community and public safety and this is just one way that its done with the police cars."

Chief Kozak says that the cruisers last about 10 years before its time to phase them out for new vehicles and that it's necessary to replace them so that every sworn police officer has their own vehicle.

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