Cheyenne Gay Community celebrates Pride Weekend

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Cheyenne, WY (KGWN) - Despite the less than ideal weather, the Pride Picnic at Lion's Park had a pretty good turnout Saturday afternoon. There were kids and adults, friends and family, all out to support the Cheyenne Gay community.

As most picnics do, there was lots of food and music as well good times as lots of Cheyenne residents were there to show support. Jeran Artery, chairmen of Wyoming Equality helped set up the 8th annual Pride Picnic and said that he just wants the community to recognize that the gay community is a vibrant part of the Cheyenne community.

"...we're your neighbors, we're your colleagues, employers, employees, and we love Wyoming you know and we don't want to have to leave here to have our loving, committed relationships recognized, this is home for so many of us."

While the Pride Picnic only lasted a few hours this afternoon, it moved inside Saturday night to the Suite in downtown Cheyenne for a Pride Dance and will also continue tomorrow at Highlands United Presbyterian Church where Reverend Roger McDaniel will give a faith service.

In March of this year, 4 gay couples along with Wyoming Equality filed a lawsuit against the state challenging the constitutionality of its ban on gay marriage. That lawsuit is still pending and there is no timeline on when a decision will be handed down.

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