Cheyenne Remembers Military Heroes on Memorial Day

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Cheyenne, WY (KGWN) - Once known as Decoration Day, Americans have been observing Memorial Day for well over a century.
Like thousands of others places around the country, Cheyenne celebrated the day at Beth El Cemetery by remembering the hundreds of thousands of soldiers who've given their life fighting for our country.
A few hundred people packed Beth El Cemetery this Memorial Day to honor the veterans that we've lost.
"It's a way to pay tribute to their service and to show our patriotism. Cheyenne is such a great community to be in the military. They just really come out and are very supportive of all of the military honors," said Col. Tammy Maas, Chief of Staff, Wyoming Army National Guard.
As a member of the military for 35 years, Colonel Maas, has seen many friends deployed, some of which never returned.
"I think about, not only those people, but I think about their families and their communities and just what an impact their loss had on everyone," said Col. Maas.
Her friends are just a few of the more than one million patriots that have sacrificed their life so that we might live free.
"Throughout our nation’s history we have been blessed to have persons who are genuinely committed to something larger than them. People who understood duty for the greater good of our nation."
In Cheyenne, we specifically remember the sons and daughters of Wyoming who laid down their lives.
"They are buried here together to indicate, with a flag, to indicate they served their country and should not be forgotten," said Henry Miller, Commander, VFW Post 1881.

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