Cheyenne Sandlot League

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A local group of parents was inspired by a famous baseball movie to start a fun baseball league in Cheyenne for kids.

A league where everyone gets to play in a pick up game style of play.

The movie that pushed the parents to start the league was "The Sandlot".

"A handful of parents got together and we wanted to provide a relaxed atmosphere for the kids after their seasons were over. Just come out and play the game that they love," said Sam Sims, who is the president of the Cheyenne Sandlot Organization.

"It's pretty fun because you can just go out and have fun. No coaches to yell at you or anything. You can just go out and have fun," said Brendan Trujillo.

"The reason we started the whole thing was for the spirit of sportsmanship rather than to focus on the competition," said Sims

"The difference is that there isn't that many home runs and there's not that many broken bats and we use wood bats which is the same as the movie and there is no big dog in the outfield," Maddox Pollard said during the game Sunday.

"Everyone puts their glove on home plate and the coaches throw a glove to the 1st base side then the 3rd base side, 1st base side, 3rd base side," said local celebrity Landis Clure. He is the Clure Brothers Furniture commercial kid. Landis Explains how the teams are picked.

"I'll throw it to you. Now come here and start walking your hands up. One on top of the other. Take turns. There you go. Home Team." The home team was picked by a selective process.

"Right now we charge them 50 dollars. It is 8 Sundays of play for 50 bucks. We give them a hat and a t-shirt," said Sims.

"This is like the first weekend so it was kinda a little bit, not a lot of people. It got bigger after awhile," said Julian Romero about the amount of kids there Sunday.

"I like it because you basically get to pick your position and you get to play where ever your friend wants to play and you guys can switch positions all the time and your friends are always out here," said Pollard on why he loves playing the Sandlot League.

"We really liked the idea of the kids getting together and that's what Sandlot was all about. That's what the movie was based on and that's what the whole concept was on," said Sims.

"Does everybody know who the Great Bambino is?" I asked Sam Sims.

"That's the one were going to have to see. We're planning on trying to air the movie out here for the kids for a fun night one night at the end of Sandlot for the season. Hopefully by then they will all know every quote," answered Sims.

The Cheyenne Sandlot league plays every Sunday except for Labor Day until the end of September. Any kid from ages 9-12 can play in the league.

They play on the fields at Pride Park right behind VFW post 1881.

The leagues website is posted with this story.

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