Cheyenne residents renting homes for CFD

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Cheyenne, WY (KGWN) Cheyenne Frontier Days brings hoards of people to Cheyenne. Sometimes, there are more people than hotel rooms. To that end, some residents have decided to put their own homes up for the week of CFD and make a little extra cash.

Some residents get out of town and avoid the crowds, while Michael Henry says he'll be parking cars and staying with a friend closer to Frontier Park.

This is his first year renting out rooms, but he's already said he's ready to do it again next year. "My friend rents her houses and she called me and said 'I'm all booked can I give them your number?' and I said okay," said Henry.

His finished basement is between tenants, and he said once he was on board to rent for CFD, he took some time updating the bedroom and family room. " I got new linens, new lamps, put a new coat of paint. I figure if I'm going to have someone stay here I want to do it right."

Henry is looking for $250-$450 a night for up to four people at his home. It's an average rate; a look at Craigslist shows rooms going for as high as 800 for a weekend.

Be advised, even just for the week, anyone paying to stay in a residence is technically a tenant, and homeowners should write up a written agreement to protect themselves in case of damage or theft.

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