Chrysalis House could be closing its doors

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Pine Bluffs, WY (KGWN) - It looks like an ordinary house from the outside, but on the inside it fits up to eight women, including their children at once. The Chrysalis House in Pine Bluffs is a safe place for women with alcohol or drug addictions to get back on their feet, but that safe place might be shutting down for good this fall.

The Peak Wellness Center in Cheyenne operates the facility and according to executive director Dr. David Birney, the house is currently running at a $230,000 deficit and won't be able to keep the doors open if more money doesn't come in.

The Pine Bluffs community welcomed the Chrysalis House with a little hesitation, but resident Bill Cushing says, "they've been a really good neighbor to our town." Several other Pine Bluff residents say that they think the house has had a positive impact on the town and they hope they'll continue to keep the doors open.

Officials are lobbying state lawmakers to give the house the money it needs, but not only that, former alumni of the house have written to the lawmakers urging them to give the house more money.

Staff therapist Melissa Wertz says that it isn't even about the money, but about the women who need help saying that the women who come into the program don't even come close to resembling the women who leave the program. She says, " me, fiscally it makes sense to keep programs like this open because I do think it saves the state money in the long run..."

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