Cindy Hill Returns to Work as Director of WDE

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Cheyenne, WY (KGWN) - State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Cindy Hill, returned to her position as Director of the Wyoming Department of Education this morning.
Last Friday, Cindy Hill received a formal order from District Judge Thomas Campbell, determining the majority of Senate File 104 was unconstitutional, allowing Hill to return as Director of the Wyoming Department of Education Monday.
"We're engaged in a smooth transition and that feels really good," Hill said.
Hill may have returned to work, but she's still waiting to get back in her office.
"We don't want to be disruptive to the work here. So we'll do it as smoothly and seamlessly as possible so those folks who are actually working in my office will have an opportunity to move out and continue their work and then I can move in," said Hill.
She spent the day getting back to work and catching up on what's transpired since she was removed from her office.
"Since SF 104 was signed 15 months ago we have not had a access to tools or information regarding contracts, budgets and also commitments to the U.S. Department of Education and that's really important for us to understand what's taken place," Hill said.
Hill got back into classrooms Monday, making a stop at Goins Elementary to visit Laura Drake's classroom and she says she has plans to visit classrooms in Laramie on Tuesday.
Although some employees testified against Hill, she said their jobs are safe.
"You can just look at my actions, it will tell you I'm not someone that would do anything but want to work with someone who is focused on kids," Hill said.

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