City is running out of room in cemeteries

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Cheyenne, WY (KGWN) - The Cheyenne cemeteries are filling up. According to Rick Parish, the director of the Parks and Recreation Department, the city has enough space to last them around another four years, so they've come up with plan to build a new cemetery.

That plan was presented to the city council this afternoon at a work session where council members could comment on the design. Plans will then be finalized before the final plan is presented to the full council in the coming weeks.

The new cemetery, if approved, will be built on the west side of town next to the High Plains Arboretum. The city owns roughly 2,000 acres on that side of town and leases out to the USDA, but would carve out 25 acres for the new cemetery.

It would cost the city roughly $5.5 to $6 million dollars to build the new cemetery, which would be done in three separate phases. The first phase would give the city around 3,000 new plots to work with. The new cemetery will also partner with the V.A., giving the V.A. a new cemetery as well.

The plan right now is to build an arboretum cemetery, so according to Parish, "there's lots of vegetation in it, there's lots of walking paths... we want to make a good synergy between the area in the High Plains arboretum, walking in that, or coming out and going through the cemetery."