City requires licenses for CFD vendors

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Cheyenne, WY (KGWN) - Temporary Parade Vendor Permits are being required for kids who are going to sell food and drinks along the Cheyenne Frontier Days parade route.

Permits will be issued as a colored identification badge allowing City-County Environmental Health personnel to be able to quickly recognize the kids whose sales have been approved.

Maurice Brown, a local businessman and long time community youth supporter is offering to pay the $2 permit fee. “I hope my assistance will encourage youths to engage in a business and customer service activity,” said Brown.

Only pre-packaged items such as potato chips, sodas and waters are allowed to be sold.

For more information on the required permits and licences, contact the City Clerk's office in the Municipal Building, 2101 O’Neil Ave., Room 101 (Ph: 638-4301).

Application forms can be found on the website at www.cheyennecity.org

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