City to Update Parking Garage Lights

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Cheyenne, WY (KGWN) - The future is looking bright for Cheyenne's George Cox and the Jack R. Spiker parking facilities. They're swapping the old bulbs for new cost effective LED ones.

"LED technology is advanced so much in the past couple years, we can't hardly afford not to do those two parking structures" said the city's special projects director Bob Bradshaw.

On Monday, the Cheyenne City Council Finance committee unanimously approved the project, it will go ahead for a full vote before the full council next Monday and Jim Brown, the head of the finance committee said that the project will be saving the city lots of money and that the lights will have paid for themselves in several short years. "The savings for the Cox garage over a ten year period is $213,310 and the savings in the Spiker garage over a ten year period s $253,000," said Brown.

While the LED lights will help save money, it will obviously improve lighting in the parking garages too, which makes them perhaps just a bit safer. "As long as its still bright enough to be safe, then I'm okay with it. If its saving the city money why not?" said a Cheyenne resident, Laurie Rogers.

"If they last longer than someone won't have to come in and replace them all the time and they're going to be able to keep it lighter a little bit better," said Cheyenne resident Ryan Walton.

While the LED bulbs themselves will be coming from a company in Colorado, installation of the new bulbs and fixtures will all be done by local companies. Bradshaw said, "...Its a local company that's installing them and doing all the work. So we see a local company reaping the benefits of this project."

The new LED lights will be under warranty for the first five years after installation and are supposed to last up to 80,000 hours, much longer than the current lighting fixtures.

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