Council Recommends Planning and Development Split

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CHEYENNE, WY (KGWN) On Wednesday night, the committee of the whole for the Cheyenne City Council voted to recommend splitting the city's planning department into two separate planning and development departments.

The resolution was sponsored by councilmen Dicky Shanor and Sean Allen. "There's too much being done under the umbrella of the planning department," said Shanor.

CEO of the Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce Dale Steenbergen is a big supporter of the split.

"We believe this city is worth fighting for, we believe the future of business in this community is worth fighting for," said Steenbergen.

But there is opposition to the split. Councilman Jim Brown said he doesn't see the economic advantage, and sees it as a personality issue between the city and chamber.

"I actually believe once this split happens if it happens its gonna create chaos in the city," said Brown.

Current Planning Services Director Matt Ashby said his department has made several improvements in recent years and splitting the department into two would be less efficient.

"It goes against our efforts to be a more efficient department which I believe we've made strides towards over the recent years," said Ashby.

The final vote is Monday at the City Council Meeting.

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