Laramie County lodging tax up for renewal

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Cheyenne, WY (KGWN) It's time again to vote on the Laramie County Lodging Tax. The four percent tax has been on the ballot since 1988, and has passed every time it's been up for renewal. On Tuesday, the Laramie County Commission voted to put it back on the ballot again.

The four percent tax combines with the six percent sales tax to add on at hotels, motels, and campgrounds in Laramie County. Darren Rudloff, executive director of Visit Cheyenne says it's comparable to similar cities, and lower than Denver and the national average.

"Most visitors don't even shrug at the tax. Our hotels tell us that the tax does not become a decision factor for people on whether to stay in Laramie County or not," said Rudloff.

Frank Hoditz, an overnight visitor said he's staying off of Interstate 25 and that he didn't even notice the lodging tax. "No, I wouldn't say so, I mean I just pay the bill."

Rudloff says revenue from the tax goes back to Visit Cheyenne, and they use the funds to promote tourism and bring more visitors to the county to stimulate local economy. "Visitors don't just use the hotel, they go to restaurants, local shops, gas stations, grocery stores. Every business is affected by the travel industry."

Last fiscal year, the tax brought in 1.6 million dollars in revenue. It's on the November 4th ballot.

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