Cowboys players have rituals before a game

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Many athletes have a pre-game ritual, something they do before every game.

When I played baseball, It was to chew gum until it was time to take the field or go up to bat.

The players always do their ritual. If they don't, something feels off for the whole game.

We have seen it in movies like Major League where Pedro Cerrano asks Jobu to take the fear from his bats.

Where the athletes have to do something before every game to wake up the bats or sometimes it is a team thing like the titans in remember the titans

But those are in the movies and no one can be that ritualistic right?

Well I was curious so i asked a few of the Wyoming cowboys if they "have" to do something before every game

Some involve room modification or something that cost 5 dollars but they all involve "tunes".

"One thing I really like to do is go in my shower and turn it on high and then put towels underneath the door and make it a steam room. It is something a little bit different. Not too many guys on the team know about it. I like gets me loose. My roommates always think it's weird, said Sophomore Wide Receiver Jake Maulhardt.

"Before the game, I'll take you point by point. I wake up get something to eat....Probably Subway. That's my favorite meal before a game,” Omar Stover said about his pre-game ritual.

"Same play list of music I listen to even like this morning in just the scrimmage, I was listening to my playlist. People would try to come up to me and try to talk to me and I just had my headphones in and I would zone them out, said Fullback Drew Van Maanen.

"I just listen to my music and I get into my zone, say my prayers and just get ready to play, Sophomore Free Safety Xavier Lewis said about his routine.

And what happens if they don't do that before every game:
"I've been doing this probably since high school. I think one game no two games, I didn't go get Subway. I didn't have a bad game but I just felt like I didn't have my best game. I kind of feel like Subway and my daily music and daily ritual so I think I need those,” said Stover.

So maybe before you watch a Wyoming football game you can do the same pre-game routine or ritual to show your fandom toward the Wyoming Cowboys.

First chance to do so is August 30th when they host Montana in the season opener.

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