Dodgeball for a cause

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Cheyenne, Wyo. (KGWN) Dodgeball teams from all over the community came together Saturday not only to pelt each other with balls, but for a good cause. The Guardian's Alliance hosted the inaugural Dodgeball tournament at East High School to benefit six-year-old Tray Robinson and his family. Tray is fighting stage four brain and spinal cancer.

A total of 18 teams took part in the tournament, most of the teams made up of police officers and firemen. There was even a championship match between the wives of firefighters and officers, with the firefighter's wives claiming a clean sweep.

"Even though we do have that rivalry we are still one big community team and we look out for each other," said Sara Durante after claiming the three game sweep over the police officer's wives.

The tournament ended with the East High faculty staff as the champions. Although competitively fun, everyone in attendance agreed it was all about Team Tray.

Andrew Dyl, One of the organizers of the event with Cheyenne Fire and Rescue, said the idea of hosting a dodgeball tournament came to them while looking for a way to support Tray. Originally Dyl and others hoped to have a star-athlete visit Tray in the hospital, bringing with them a superhero cape. However, when asked who his favorite superhero was, Tray stated his heroes are police officers and firefighters.

"It meant a lot hearing that Tray looks up to us," said Dyle. "So to give support and show that we look up to him we decided to round up firefighter and police officers. All together we rounded up about 175 firefighters. We wanted to send a message, that any kid battling a disease daily is the true hero. He's the one fighting something everyday."

If you are interested in donating to Tray contact Warren Federal Credit Union at 307-432-5400. Ask for the Tray Robinson Foundation.

A special thanks to all those that took part in the tournament including Cheyenne Fire and Rescue, the Cheyenne Police Department, the Laramie Fire Department, the Wyoming Air National Guard and Cheyenne Chive.

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