Downtown restaurants seek outdoor seating

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Cheyenne, WY (KGWN) - It's easy to understand why more restaurants in Cheyenne don't have outdoor seating, the snow, the wind, the cold temperatures, and in the summer when it is warm, there are afternoon storms almost daily. But one restaurant owner along with the Downtown Development Authority is hoping to change that and bring more outdoor seating to restaurants in the downtown area.

According to the Wyoming Tribune Eagle the DDA recently approved an outdoor seating plan and the board told the paper they'll put up $6,000 in grant money in 2014 to support the program.

Pizza Venti and Two Doors Down owner Jerry Inniss said the idea wasn't exactly his, but that his questions may have spurred the idea.
"I just asked the DDA where they got the tables they use at the Depot, because I want something all-weather and something that I can leave outside so my people don't have to bring them in every night," said Inniss.

He sees several benefits in having tables outdoors and said that he thinks the aesthetic is more inviting to tourists. "As tourists come to Cheyenne they come downtown first and if they saw the tables and the umbrellas it would be a more welcoming environment."

While he waits for grants to be approved, Inniss said the next step is to get outdoor seating permits from the City of Cheyenne.

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