Drone Controversy on the Rise

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Cheyenne, WY (KGWN)- Drones are definitely making their mark on the cowboy state. And, they are valuable to more than just the average resident.

Wyoming resident, Peter Howard says, "Drones give you the ability to notice and respond to things faster. I think that's pretty valuable."

Howard also added that drones can help out law enforcement agencies that may not have that kind of asset available to them.

Yet, despite the potential advantages, drones have caused some problems as well. Yellowstone National Park responded to a drone crash on Saturday, when a tourist landed one in the Grand Prismatic Spring.

Beneficial as they may be, officials want to make sure they don't compromise public safety and privacy.

Senator Schumer says, "We want to make sure two things are not interfered with with these drones. One is safety and the second is our right to privacy."

Wyoming Law Enforcement is requiring that you obtain approval before getting access to drones.

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