Election signs popping up around Cheyenne

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Cheyenne, WY (KGWN)- The primary election is two months away and the general election, 5, but campaign signs are already dominating front lawns and busy intersections.

In February, Cheyenne City Council passed an ordinance that outlined the restrictions for election signs. The new ordinance was in response to a lawsuit brought against the city complaining the old restrictions violated constitutional rights.

Now, there are no limits on size, amount, and time signs can be up. Signs just have to be on private property. Signs can't disrupt line of sight in traffic, and while it varies, the general rule for signs on corners have to be 35 feet out from the corner.

Brandon Cammarata with the city development office said his office hasn't heard too many complaints so far. "Election season has been going pretty well so far, it's going smooth and candidates have been cooperative," said Cammarata. He added that when they do have an issue with a sign being out of bounds or on public property, they deal with the candidate and then property owner.

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