Enzi Speaks at Small Business Conference

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Cheyenne, WY (KGWN) - The 12th annual Gro-Biz Conference and Expo was in Cheyenne on Monday. The three day-conference helps small business owners with their start-ups and allows them to network with other small businesses.

On Tuesday, US Senator Mike Enzi of Wyoming delivered the keynote speech in the Little America Ballroom in Cheyenne. He talked about the importance of expos like Gro-Biz, and praised the small business owners for their hard work and thanked them for doing business in Wyoming. Enzi pointed out that the federal government defines small business as a company with less than 500 employees,and that there are no companies headquartered in the state that aren't small businesses.

Cheyenne resident and business owner Crystyn Lasley opened her company, Rocky Mountain Sand and Gravel in July of last year, and said she came to the expo mostly to network, but has enjoyed the breakout sessions about how to grow a business.

Lasley, along with several other small business owners met with Senator Enzi after his speech. Enzi could be seen collecting business cards from the various owners. He even took some time to see some of the inventions brought in by statewide inventors. Enzi said he hopes to see some of these inventions at his inventors conference in April.

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