Extent of missile site pollution still under study

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Cheyenne, WY (AP) - The Army Corps of Engineers is still trying to determine the extent of a plume of contaminated groundwater seeping from a 1960s-era missile site west of Cheyenne.

The corps says it's in the midst of a multiyear effort to monitor, contain and treat the groundwater, which contains trichloroethylene or TCE.

The Wyoming Tribune Eagle reported Monday (http://tinyurl.com/lmsqjex) that officials say the pollution doesn't pose a major health risk because Cheyenne's drinking water is treated, and so is well water used by many rural residents.

But some local residents and elected officials raised concerns at a meeting Thursday that people living on the edge of the plume could still be in danger.

TCE was found in the area in the 1990s. Studies show TCE can damage the liver if ingested.

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