Fire Season Beginning in Laramie County

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Cheyenne, WY (KGWN) - A grass fire near Carpenter on Tuesday burned about 15 acres and the Laramie County Fire District believes there could be more to come.
Fuels have grown after a wet spring and are now drying out.
Firefighters are warning residents to be extra cautious with disposing of cigarettes and monitoring of any campfires or controlled burns. These are the most common ways grass fires are accidentally started.
Jason Caughey, Fire Chief for Fire District #2, says we're just entering the beginning of the season when many of these accidental grass fires usually start.
"We're due. With the tall fuels that we have, they're going to grow rapidly. They're a real high energy release fuel that burns quickly and rapidly and with our traditional winds that we have here in Cheyenne, they move very fast. So what starts out small turns into a very big event rapidly," said Caughey.
Fire District #2 says Laramie County is well prepared for any major fire event with over 20 brush trucks and the way all fire departments in the county work together.