First Responders Train for Emergency Situation

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It's these rare opportunities where that multiple agencies get to practice together that can make all the difference in a real world situation. More than a half dozen local and regional agencies were at Laramie Regional Airport for Wednesday's training exercise.
"Definitely a tremendous wealth of knowledge gained here and that will bode well if they ever did have to actually carry out this in a real world scenario."
First responders and volunteers practiced three different emergency scenarios.
"An active shooter, a hostage type crisis and then also a bomb threat."
Much of the exercises we are not able to show you to protect law enforcement from reveling their strategies.
For the first responders this type of practice is invaluable.
"I would say this is the closest you're ever going to get to the real life situation. As far as training is concerned it's not going to get any more real than this."
Craig Johnson volunteered as a gunshot victim.
"A situation that was totally out of control and how quickly it was brought under control with the different agencies and then immediately and seamlessly the medical care that followed up. I was really very impressed," Johnson said.
The training is invaluable for each agency if a real life incident were to ever occur in Wyoming.
"There's so many times that you bring in federal and state entities into an incident and we haven't practiced together, so this was a great time to do that."
About 50 to 60 first responders participated in today's training and 32 volunteers were used to simulate hostages and gunshot victims.

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