Flooded roads cause problems for county residents

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Laramie County, WY (KGWN) A rise in temperatures is usually a welcome thing, but it comes with some problems. Road 136 about 13 miles east of Cheyenne is dealing with flooding that's cut off access to the back stretch of road that contains 10 houses.

The melting snow has over saturated the ground, and with hills on either side of the road, water and ice are being forced to the middle of the road.

Edward Bowker lives in that back stretch of houses. He says he took his kids into Cheyenne Wednesday morning, and though the water was high, it was still passable. It was a different story a couple hours later. "It looks like it's gotten bigger and I'm not going to try and drive back through it," said Bowker.

There's no back way to the houses, and the road dead-ends, so Bowker said he'll just head back to Cheyenne until they come and pump the water.

Parts of Railroad Road were also closed off, but there were cars driving through the shallow water pooled on the sides.

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