Flooding not a problem for the Greeley Stampede

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The water in Greeley has receded back to the Cache Le Poudre River. the water about 5 feet below this bridge just north of town on 85

Here at the Greeley Stampede Stadium, the parking lot where the carnival will take place You can see some water from the overflow drain but everything inside the stadium is just fine.

"As it was all said and done, There was plenty of dry spots in the arena. There was some flooding behind but it's all receded. SO, the city has done a great job in taking the water (laughs) most of the water that exsists out from behind the stadium and near the river."

The dirt has turned to mud inside the Greeley Stampede Arena but in the competition area there is no standing water. Greeley Stampede Media & Communications Manager Andy Segal said the stadium did not get hit that hard by the floods.

"It's kinda like a horseshoe. It was just around the edges of the stadium. So, actually inside it wasn't bad at all."

Segal said if they had to go tomorrow they could with the condition of the arena.

"I wish I was a weather man and understood all that would happen but I'm not so I am going to say I hope, we still have 2 and a half weeks to go and I hope we can steer clear fo any flooding."

By the time the first gate swings open for the 2014 Greeley Stampede, everything should be back to normal inside and out of the arena

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